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Giving artists a disproportionate advantage.

The Music Industry Democratised

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Our formula for success

Who's Involved

Why Burstimo Members Succeed

  • Weekly resources and opportunities provided by industry experts

  • Inside knowledge before it reaches the masses

  • No % of revenue or royalties taken

  • Access to the industry which is inaccessible elsewhere

  • Continuous support and tools for growth


Burstimo is run by music marketers 
who have helped hundreds of artists grow their music careers

Playlisting and Press Opportunities

Members get to submit to regularly posted opportunities on the Feed: Spotify playlisting opportunities and press feature opportunities on top music blogs like Wonderland, Notion, Earmilk and more.

Professional Feedback Opportunities

We bring on experienced industry professionals like A&Rs, songwriters, Spotify editors, music supervisors, booking agents and managers, to provide personal feedback to our members on their expertise.

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Included in the membership, members get access to 

video masterclasses by industry professionals, designed to provide artists of any genre with the knowledge needed to thrive in the music industry. Including topics like TikTok, Spotify editorial playlists, music sync and Music law.

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Every week members get access to a PDF filled with info on TikTok and Instagram – platform updates, trending songs, content ideas, and artist accounts to take inspiration from.

Click here to view a recently published report.

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Your Questions Answered

Burstimo members get to benefit from our collective knowledge and experience through 100+ answered questions from artists and comprehensive guides on topics like TikTok, Instagram, release strategy, press features, radio plays, ChatGPT, mental health and more.

Consultancy Call

As a Burstimo member, you get access to request a consultancy call with Maddy & Alex at a significantly reduced cost. Get the advice and guidance you need to take your music career to the next level.

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Resources and Databases

Members get instant access to Resources like our Templates (EPK, press release, emails, budget) as well as our Databases of 200+ TikTok and IG influencers and 100+ music blogs/press outlets to get in contact with.

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Exclusive discount deals

We're partnering with industry-leading companies to offer exclusive discounts to our members on relevant products and services such as websites, music analytics, music mastering, and more.


And more to come.

We're constantly gaining new industry contacts and

developing new resources and opportunities to help

our members take their music career to the next level.

With so many opportunities and resources,
the only thing holding you back is

the quality of your music.